Timeline of Jerzy Grotowski’s life and creative work


1 January 1955

Venue: Kraków

The supplement Od A do Z of the daily Dziennik Polski (no. 1 [1955], 1–2 January, p. 2) publishes ‘Czerwony balonik’ (Red balloon), the first in a cycle of articles on the subject of Kraków’s Klub Młodych Twórców (Young Creatives’ Club).

17 January 1955

Venue: Kraków

At Teatr Poezji (today’s Scena Kameralna of Stary Teatr) the premiere of a performance of Friedrich Schiller’s Intrigue and Love takes place, with Grotowski serving as assistant to director Władysław Krzemiński.

23 February 1955

Venue: Kraków

Dziennik Polski publishes one of the young Grotowski’s first manifestoes, ‘Marzenie o teatrze’ (Dreaming of the theatre; Dziennik Polski, no. 46 [1955], 23 February, p. 2–3).

27–28 February 1955

Venue: Łódź

The Second All-Polish Congress of Academic Circles Activists at theatre schools is held, with Grotowski giving a paper titled ‘O indywidualną koncepcję teatru’ (On the individual concept of the theatre), which is a reworking of ‘Marzenie o teatrze’.

7–8 March 1955

Venue: Warsaw

The First National Conference of Young Actors and Directors; Jerzy Grotowski is a panellist.

26 May 1955

Venue: Kraków

Premiere of the diploma piece, a version of Maxim Gorky’s The Philistines, prepared under the supervision of Józef Karbowski with Grotowski in the role of Peter.

June 1955

Venue: Kraków

Having written a theoretical work titled ‘O konkretności natchnienia’ (On the concreteness of inspiration), Grotowski receives a diploma from the acting department of the State Drama School (PWST) in Kraków.

23 August 1955

Venue: Moscow

Grotowski begins studying at GITIS (State Institute for Theatre Arts) under the supervision of Yuri Zavadsky. As part of his studies, he prepares a fragment of the second act of Jerzy Szaniawski’s Dwa teatry (Two theatres), titling the piece ‘Matka’ (Mother).