Friends of the Theatre of 13 Rows/ Koło Przyjaciół Teatru 13 Rzędów

a form of society modelled on the Friends of Reduta, whose main aim was to support the activities of the Theatre of 13 Rows, promoting its achievements and methods of work, as well as aiming to create a particular milieu around the Theatre which in turn would defend it against the accusations of elitism levelled against it by the authorities. Established on 3 May 1960, it had around eighty members and was led by Józef Szajna. On the initiative of the Circle and under its auspices, fortnightly seminars were organised during which Grotowski and Flaszen presented and discussed various issues and problems concerning the art of theatre, thus educating the audience in the spirit of their particular aesthetic ideology. The Circle’s meetings took place until 1962.


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