The Dream, 2009

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A documentary of Rena Mirecka’s work with the Paratheatre Research Laboratory THE WAY, held in Brzezinka, the Grotowski Institute’s forest location, between 25 and 27 July 2009 as part of Meetings with Remarkable Women practical seminar directed by Virginie Magnat and funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Participants: Anant Sharma (India), Marco Balbi di Palma, Angela Bonfadini (Italy), Cornelia Adam, Marian Araujo, Dora Arreola (Mexico), Clare Barron, Fernanda Branco (Brasil), Nicole Cormaci, Gustavo Fouce, Simon Pinon (Spain), Natalia Hautala, Lara Haworth, Eirini Kartsaki (Greece), Virginie Magnat (France), Julia Metzger-Traber, Holle Munster, Sonia Pastrovicchio, Vincenzo Pennella (Italy), Tracy Valcarcel

Camera by Maciej Stawiński; edited by Rena Mirecka and Maciej Stawiński; music by Stefano Germani; digital editing and DVD authoring by Krzysztof Jaworski in collaboration with Andrzej Popowicz; additional sound by Marco Balbi di Palma; produced by the Grotowski Institute; Wrocław, 2009; English; 60’